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Considering that everybody has their personal cooking habits and requirements, there definitely isn't a single kitchen knife which is the best for every kitchen. One can find a number of knife variations based on the application of each knife. That means, you should be certain whether a single unique kind of knife is necessary for your needs, or not. Chef knife brands such as M AC and F orschner are popular, and although I'd recommend these brands, they are definitely highly priced and may not properly fit into everybody's budget. But eventually, you'll found a fine set of knives that will provide many years of usage for you without being too pricey. See these beautiful Forschner knives:

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"A few beers, a bucket, and one of these RH Forschner by Victorinox Oyster Knifes ($11) can make for a great night given the right company. Each knife features a ..."

There are plenty of knife    shopping guides and advice online   . If you are interested in buying a set of knives that you will use frequently, you might want to  go here for tips .

Opinions/advice on a working set of k nives -8/1/11

"We have Wusthof (34 year old classics – wedding gift and added to since), MAC, Sabatier and Forschner knives, and CCK cleavers at home that she has used. I'm thinking of a basic set along the lines of a chef's knife, 6” petty, ..."

No competent chef would work without using the kitchen knives as they are important for the cooking and a precious asset to simplify the job. To easily glide through the meat you're cutting with no strain, you will need a really sharp knife. 

The easiest way to sharpen the kitchen knife is using a whetstone. You might ask why, but this is definitely the most efficient way to make your knife sharp.

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"The best way of sharpening a knife is with a whetstone. There are other knife sharpening devices available, but most of them tend to grind away too much of your knife's blade. Learning the right way to use a whetstone may ..."